Property Owner - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Does it Cost to List My Property on OwnersDirect?

You can either list as an annual subscription costing only R849 per annum regardless of the number of bookings you receive.

Alternatively you can advertise on a Pay per Booking basis whereby you pay a 10% commission on confirmed bookings, please note that you must be a Nightsbridge customer in order to use the Pay per Booking/Commission service. Nightsbridge offer a real-time booking and availability service.

Q. What Benefits Are There By Listing My Property on OwnersDirect?

  • Our Website is well placed to receive a high amount of web traffic for those people looking for accommodation which will improve the chances of your property being booked.
  • We offer better value for money i comparison to our competitors meaning that you are left with more in your pocket.
  • We offer advertising and marketing via other platforms such as Social and print media.
  • Access to your own property portal which allows you to manage your properties description, photos and price including adding special deals and calendar availability.

Q. How Will I Get Paid Once My Property is Booked?

For those that choose the Annual Subscription, please arrange payment directly with the person booking your property, OwnersDirect has no involvement in facilitating payments or securing any deposits for Annual subscriptions.

For the Pay per Booking service our third party service provider (Nightbridge) will pay you directly once a booking has taken place.

Q. Arrival and Departure Times

Most lettings commence at 14.00pm on the first day of your holiday and end at 10.00am on the day of departure unless otherwise specified by the Property Owner. This ensures the owner or housekeeper has sufficient time to prepare the property for incoming guests.

Q. Where Do Holidaymakers Collect and Drop off The Keys?

The Property Owner must please arrange key collection and drop off with the Holidaymaker

Q. What Happens if There is a Problem or an Issue at The Property?

The Holidaymaker will notify the Property Owner or the person that they collected the keys from, OwnersDirect does not manage any of properties advertised.